Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

Location: Up in the Air

Knock, Knock! It’s Valentine’s o’clock! You’re my favorite person and you rock! That’s what we tell each other when it’s Valentine’s Day because we’re the bestest friends, and bestest friends love each other lots! 


When it’s Valentine’s Day we travel all over the place to deliver hugs and kisses. It’s really easy. We jump into our air balloon, and we blow lots of kisses in the wind. The wind than takes our kisses to everyone who could really use a hug and a kiss. Who knows, maybe you feel one on Valentine’s Day! Wally and Lila Boubou come too because they like to make everyone happy. 


We also make lots of cards for everyone and everything we love. That’s how we make sure that everyone we love knows how much we care about them and why they are super special. We love Wally because he’s very fuzzy, and he gives the warmest hugs.

Illustration: ChuChu Briquet for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

We love Lila Boubou because he’s super funny, and he always makes us smile. We love Neo, our mammoth, because he’s super strong, and he can carry us anywhere. We love our books because they tell the best stories. We love our dolls because they love adventures as much as we do! We love our bikes because they are WHEEEELIE fast. We love Choukette because he’s really smart, and he can invent anything. We love popcorn because it’s delicious when it’s salty, and it’s delicious when it’s sweet. We love our cars, and trains, and planes, because they like to race, and we do too!


We love to play because when we play, we imagine, learn, and spend time together! That’s why we say, “Love is… playing together!”


We love Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday. We love every month, every week, and every day, even when it rains and storms, because every day is special in its own way. We love rain because it makes puddles, and puddles are great to jump in. We love sunshine because it tickles our noses. We love snow because we can turn it into a snowman! 


We love our mistakes because they make our brain grow, and they are proof that we are trying! We love the words “I can” because they remind us that we can do anything. We also love the word “yet” because it reminds us that when something doesn’t work out right away, it’s simply because we can’t do it YET. We love our brain because when we learn new things it stretches. It’s fantastic elastic!


We love stars because they sparkle, and they can make your wishes come true. We love the moon because it’s round and never ends.


We love ourselves because there’s no one like us! And we love you because you’re brave, and kind, and curious, and funny, and unique, and special, and important, and you love stories as much as we do, and you are you! So this Valentine’s Day, you must absolutely love yourself a bit more than every other day and give yourself the biggest hug.  


Frederick & Sophie

Top Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Wally & Darth Vader Illustration: ChuChu Briquet for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Illustration Styling: Priscilla Obermeier