Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

We absolutely love Friendsgiving because that’s when we celebrate that we are forever friends! Here’s what we do: 


Have an absolutely awesome Friendsgiving Lunch with caramel glazed donuts, pecan pie, rice pudding with apple, and caramel popcorn! We sprinkle crunchy cinnamon sugar over our apple pie to celebrate that our friendship is the absolutely sweetest.


Drink apple juice because if friends were apples, we’d pick each other!


Play the piano and sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me, ” really loud. And if you mostly love singing, you must sing any other friendship song too!


Listen to a Jungle Book story and dance to The Bare Necessities because our friendship is an absolutely bare necessity! 


Hug our bestest furry friend Wally and play Dogs & Homes together. Wally’s full name is Waldorf, and he was born on Valentine’s Day. We think that’s why he always wants to cuddle. We like to go outside for long walks in the city. If we would ever lose Wally, we’d shout, “Hot-Dog!” because Wally loves hot dogs. The Dogs & Homes game is all about finding ways to help your furry friend to get home. When we play, we must make up our own rules because there are no rules for friendship.  


Close our eyes, stand on our toes, snap our fingers twice, and make a big wish because nothing is impossible with your best friend by your side. 


Invite all of our toy friends to celebrate Friendsgiving with us because friends come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and toy friends are there for you no matter what! 

Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

Spot the differences! We are different and that is absolutely wonderful. Make a card for each other and on it write down five awesome things that make us different. What is different about us, makes us uniquely us. Friendship is all about being different together!


Say, “You are pretty much my most favorite person of all time in the history of ever, and I am terribly thankful for you!”


Breathe in deeply and smile because any day spend with your forever friend is the bestest day!

Happy Friendsgiving!


Frederick & Sophie

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Illustrations: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Illustration Styling: Priscilla Obermeier