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Fifer is a fashion designer. And she loves, loves, loves cats. Just like Karl Lagerfeld. Fifer is always busy drawing new dresses and pants and skirts and bags and sneakers. I think she’ll be as famous as Coco Chanel one day. She’s already irreplaceable. – SOPHIE


Fifer’s long, straight hair is golden-blonde. Her bright green eyes with long eyelashes are always on the lookout for the next trend! Kani wears her favorite outfit: a white t-shirt with a print of a cat wearing glasses and a bow tie, a pink jacket, and funky leggings with a matching bow tie print. Her signature glitter shoes and a bow make her purrrrrrfect outfit complete! Her outfit is easy to mix and match with other Glitter Girls clothes! Fifer’s legs bend at knees and rotate at hips.

Recommended for kids aged 3 years old and up. Glitter Girls dolls, outfits and accessories are very popular with kids age 6 to 10. Compatible with most 14-inch/ 36 cm doll brands. Sarinia contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Comes with: 1 posable doll (14 inch/ 36 cm), 1 top, 1 pair of leggings, 1 glitter headband, and 1 pair of glitter shoes.

Fifer’s solid plastic construction is durable, easy to clean, and free from BPA, phthalate, and lead.

Designed & developed by Montreal based toy company BATTAT. Made with Love in China.


Childhood is a time to be bold and curious, and Battat aims to be there every step of the way. Established in 1897, the North-American family-owned toy business behind the Glitter Girls designs unique toys that are as playful as they’re educational. With plenty initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint, and partnerships with organizations such as WE charity, it’s their goal is to be bigger than a toy company.

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