Frederick, Sophie & Co.

Muchly More About Us

Super ImPortant  facts


  1. We’re best friends and next-door neighbors.
  2. We live on Earth, right across from the park, on the tippy top floor of the tiniest building in our street. We share one roof terrace. Sometimes, we have a picnic right in the middle of it.
  3. We’ve been in zero movies so far. 

4. Sophie has a dog that looks like a gorilla. His name is Waldorf Archibald III. We call him Wally. He follows us everywhere.

5. Sophie also has a manny. His name is George. He looks like a normal grown-up, but he absolutely isn’t. George is a fairy. He can fly, blink himself to China or the 1800s, and make the piano play all by itself. His i-Wand 340 looks like a game controller with a screen right in the middle of it. It has Fairy GPS and a Book of Spells app. It can translate any animal and monster language.


6.  Frederick once asked George to turn his mom’s poodle, Jean-Baptiste, into a chicken dinosaur. Jean-Baptiste asked George to turn Frederick into a pamplemousse.


7.  George isn’t always good at magic. One morning, he said a spell for pancakes, and he made a giant poufy mammoth appear. George named him Mr. Tubby. Mr. Tubby now lives in George’s magic wardrobe. That’s a good thing because Mr. Tubby likes to play dress up. Sometimes he dresses like a pirate. Other times like a ballerina.

8.  Frederick lives with his mom who is from Paris. She is an absolute fashion person. She calls Paris, ParEEH, and fashion, la mode. She is an editor-in-chief. That means that she makes a magazine and knows what she’s doing. The magazine is called JULIET because that’s her name. 


9.  Sophie is brown, but her mom is beige, and her dad is white. She doesn’t look like her parents because she is adopted. She has one mom and one dad who love her and take care of her every day, and she has one mom and one dad who couldn’t take care of her. They live on an island in a very faraway country named Indonesia. She doesn’t know what they look like, and they don’t know her. They could be secret agents, or frozen in time, or trapped in a lamp. It’s all very mysterious. 

10. George said that you should always let toys be toys. That’s why he made all the toys in our toy room come to life. Sometimes they’re quiet because grown-ups are around. Most of the time, they like to play as much as we do!


11.  We used to only make a terrible racket inside the mind of Priscilla Obermeier as her super-best-imaginary friends. When she asked us to get out of her head and start making a noise in the world, we said, “Well, absolutely and by all means.” We call her Pris, and we talk to her ALL.THE.TIME. She writes down all of our adventures. This is a picture of Pris dreaming us up as a story-store. 

Pris works with the muchly-most splendiferous illustrators to make all of our stories come to life! You can find them HERE. These are the illustrators who drew this page.

Illustration Credits:

FREDERICK & SOPHIE, The Residence, Wally, George, Mr. Tubby, Toys, Pris:

Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

JULIET Magazine:

ChuChu Briquet for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

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