Hi, I'm Pris,

fashion journalist-columnist-copywriter turned designer turned Jackie-of-all-trades of Frederick & Sophie. I created Frederick & Sophie together with my husband, Markus. We built our family start-up while raising Indy, our slightly sarcastic, highly imaginative son. Our family picture shows us acting naturally on the couch.

I dreamt about an online “happy place” that felt like an extension of our cosmopolitan home, brought to life through beautiful off-the-beaten track products, and a whimsical illustrated world filled with witty stories.

In 2013, my husband, Markus, and I, opened the doors to the Frederick & Sophie atelier. We had traveled the world to source a very rare Egyptian cotton yarn, had found the perfect fabric manufacturer to turn that yarn into our own fabrics, and with the help of a small, dedicated team of female tailors from Germany, Ireland, US, and Australia, we designed and produced a T-Shirt centered capsule collection of Egyptian cotton leisurewear, in Berlin.

While working on our leisurewear label, Markus and I felt that the online space lacked a place of discovery to sell our super-soft specialty products (what can I say? We were picky. These were our babies). We imagined a multi-category, multi-cultural, lifestyle destination filled with hard-to-find products that added a sense of event and romance to the everyday. A place that combined commerce and sociability. Almost like an extension of our home.

So, we turned Frederick & Sophie into exactly that. An online department store that feels like home. One you long to return to.

One that’s filled with a meticulously curated assortment of beautiful products from off-the-beaten track labels and niche, covetable lifestyle, toy, home, and gourmet brands from around the world.

Next to our Frederick & Sophie tees, we now sell chocolate, coffee, tea, facial masks, comfy pajamas, shaving cream, strawberry toothpaste without fluoride, and keepsake toys (to name a few). And we added F&S World, our digital “kitchen table” where I talk about our products, family, friendship, parenthood, race and relationships, politics, business, health, art, books, sports, food and drinks, trials and errors, and the places we visited, lived in, and still would love to see. As a  bookworm with a passion for story, I can’t help to add a fictionally fabulous note to Frederick & Sophie through “my” F&S characters and their F&S Stories.

We aim to add a sense of joy to the everyday, inspire curiosity, awaken delight, and highlight the beauty and strength of diversity through products, stories and personal ponderings. In a polarizing world this is my family’s positive space, our whimsical treasure trove bridge. I hope it soon will be yours too. 



Astrological Sign


Favorite Villain

Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz

Bad Habit

If overthinking burned calories, I’d be dead.

Myers Briggs


What’s my passion

Reading, writing, pondering. In no particular order.


Desserts. I work out because of them.

Hidden Talents

Cartoon voice impressions and accents.

Talent I wish I had

Making desserts like a pastry chef.


My curiosity, imagination, passion for learning, and seeing possibility and potential in failure. And my Krav Maga skills.

Breakfast of Choice

Black Nespresso coffee, gluten-free corn or
quinoa flakes with almond milk.

My Style in 3 Words

Balance, simplicity, comfort.

My Life in 6 Words

Not quite what I was planning.