by Priscilla Obermeier, co-founder, mom, wife, writer, bookworm, coffee addict, dog person

As working parents and entrepreneurs, Markus and I raised both our business and bébé while living in different cities around the world as a multi-cultural and interracial family. Bébé is named Indy (…after Indiana Jones because life should be an adventure) and he just turned 10. He has grown into a slightly sarcastic, highly self-reliant (me forgetting to bring his underwear to swimming class and melting his fish sticks, or Markus losing his way in different cities, might have something to do with it), imaginative personality who throws a lot of shade when you mention that he needs a haircut. He likes it hanging in front of his eyes and fuzzy.

Next to choosing my battles, I’ve learned some other things along the entrepreneurial-parental way.

  • Cheese shaped like a mouse should have a tail.
  • “No” is the beginning of tough negotiations. Some of them include Nerf guns. And money.
  • The freakin’ weekend, baby comes down to drinking copious amounts of coffee, groceries, laundry, cleaning, field hockey matches. At the end of Sunday afternoon Markus and I both fall asleep while watching the Captain Underpants movie with Indy.
  • Prolonged screen time can have negative impacts that prevent learning in children. Allowing Indy extra screen time also prevents my parental self from losing her shit. Moral of this lesson: he doesn’t have to go to Harvard.
  • When Indy steps on the Lego he refused to clean up, I giggle first and then ask if he’s okay. I know, I know… I will be mentioned in Indy’s future therapy sessions.
  • Balance is drinking an equal amount of caffeinated survival juices.
  • In the great words of Alison Pearson, working mom and author of I don’t know how she does it, “Can’t is for pussies.”
  • There’s no such thing as perfect. There’s perfect-ish, sprawled out on a couch, bundled up in a sweater and sweatpants.
  • Time is a myth. A little moment matters.

Markus and I felt that the online space lacked a shopping & lifestyle destination for time-deprived, perfect-ish working parents like ourselves. We envisioned a shop filled with whimsical, hard to find products in all the categories that serve our 25/7 lifestyle (and sanity), with one check-out process because time and convenience matters. A shop that at the same time could function as a place to go to find a little moment outside the everyday hustle of work, building businesses, raising children, maintaining homes, travel, meetings, walking the dog. A community of men and women who run from boardroom to playground to grocery store and value 5 minutes alone on toilet (you know it’s true). Who take quality seriously (in all they do, eat, read, live and breathe) because they want the best for their big and little loved ones but who don’t have time to spend hours google-searching, scrolling and wildly clicking around (while having twelve check-out pages open) to shop that something special, whether a keepsake gift, shaving cream, lipgloss or tea that smells like marzipan and a gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

So. We created frederickandsophie.com to serve the busy, crazy, million-a-mile lifestyle of working moms and dads (our fredericks and sophies) through the curation of unique, quality products from specialty and niche brands around the world. Yes! We save you some researching time and welcome you to browse the style, lifestyle, beauty & grooming, gourmet, toys and kids lifestyle categories of F&S Shop, to enjoy a little moment for yourself with an F&S Story (think Sex & the City meets Parenthood written by my alter-ego, writer-mom-wife, Sophie), or escape into our fierce yet not so flawless parent-ish, boss-ish life in F&S Journal (coming soon). 

As parents with an online shop, we’re quite literally a modern-day mom & pop department store. We have chocolate, coffee, facial masks, comfy pajamas, super soft tees, strawberry toothpaste without fluoride, and beautiful, keepsake toys. See? I knew we’d get along.

XO Priscilla Obermeier