Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

Location: The Toy Room

We absolutely positively love breakfast for dinner! And we mostly like pancakes. That’s why we make them all the time. We get out our mixer and all of our ingredients. Milk, eggs, flour, and magic. You must add magic because it’s what you need to make pancakes answer all of your questions. Without magic, they just lay there.   


Our pancakes always talk back. That’s how we found out that Mr. Pancake and Mrs. Pancake live on Maple Syrup Boulevard, close to Sprinkle Street but much further away from Artichoke Avenue. Nobody really wants to live on Artichoke Avenue. It’s blah.   


One day, they decided to have a syrup sleepover. They invited Lord & Lady Popcorn, Professor Von Waffle, Mr. Cupcake, and Mademoiselle Croissant. Syrup parties are the best because who doesn’t like syrup that tastes like strawberries, or chocolate, or caramel, or vanilla? And that’s what  Mr. and Mrs. Pancake serve at a sleepover. Everybody came and dove into their own big bowl of syrup. They splashed and splashed until they were too tired to move a sticky inch. That’s when Mr. Pancake got out his story book and told the story of Sir Biscotti. Sir Biscotti loved, loved, loved coffee. Every morning, he used his red coffee machine to make himself a steamy hot espresso.


After he drank his first espresso, he called his best friend, Señorita Shortbread who also really liked coffee.


They would talk for hours and spill the coffee beans about everything and anything. In the meantime they would drink their second, and third, and fourth cup of coffee. They talked about their favorite flavors – pumpkin spice for Sir Biscotti and French Vanilla for Señorita Shortbread – and dreamed out loud about the golden coffee bean. The most delicious bean of all time. After their sixth cup of coffee they decided to find it. For two weeks they followed the jellybean rainbow across the chocolate river and found not a single coffee bean, but on day 15 they saw something shiny behind a Lollipop tree.

Across the chocolate river we must go! Illustration:Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

Sir Biscotti and Señorita Shortbread threw out their sour apple rope and jumped into the chocolate river. They held on tight until they reached the sugary shore. They climbed over a donut, passed a gummy bear and an eclair, until they reached a waffle cone. Sweet taste of victory, there it was! Their golden coffee bean! They took it home and brewed it. It was the bestest cup of coffee they had ever tasted. It tasted like buttery caramel and strawberry sprinkles at the same time! 


We don’t drink coffee, but we do like to make ourselves a gigantonormous kiwi-strawberry-banana smoothie to go with our gigantonormous stack of pancakes. Smoothies are called smoothies because they help smoothen things out.


You know what’s a great pancake topping? Popcorn!


Here’s what you should never put on your pancake: beets, and sauerkraut, and cheese that smells like stinky toe nails.


Oh, there’s nothing so delicious as pancakes!

Frederick & Sophie

Illustrations: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Illustration Styling: Priscilla Obermeier