Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

Location: New York City

Pardonnez-nous, coming through! When we’re in New York, we must absolutely walk a lot, because this city is enormously large. There are all these people running around, minding their own businesses. Our Manny George says it’s absolutely romantic. He loves sitting down in Central Park to take a New York minute. Here’s what we like. Eat a pretzel and a hot dog. 


There is so much to see. For instance, you can look through your binoculars and see the tippy-top of the Empire State Building. Or you can walk in to shake hands with King Kong.


Or you can go to Ellis Island and imagine being an immigrant a hundred years ago. You must also wave to Lady Liberty on Liberty Island. She always winks back!


Or discover your wild side at the Central Park Zoo! You must put on your walking shoes because there’s so much to do and see in Central Park. You can take a ride on the historic carousel, meet a turtle at turtle pond, read hieroglyphics, or row a boat. Wally likes to say hello to all the horses.


Wally loves horses as much as he loves carrot cookies! / Illustration Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE

At the MET, we tippy around the Temple of Dendur to make sure we don’t wake up any mummies. Sometimes we get lost. Then we ask Perseus where we have to go. He doesn’t always know, but sometimes Medusa’s head does. Oh, you must absolutely find him on the map: #metkids map


When we’re hungry we take off our shoes and stop for a PB & J sandwich, two slices of bacon, and three strawberries at The Garden. Or we eat nutella and banana crêpes at Creperie NYC. They’re incrêpable!


When we’re getting tired from all the walking, we take out our vanity cases to put on some perfume and smell delicious. George says that when he is in New York, he must deodorize every 30 minutes or so. George smells like mint tea. That’s because he’s British.


When our sweet tooth starts to itch, we take a dip into chocolate Krispies at Dylan’s Candy Bar. George buys 10 Whirly Pops because he like to give it a whirl.


Here’s what we are: book worms. That’s why we go left and right and back again inside Books of Wonder.


We say, “Good afternoon,” and, “Your neck looks absolutely splendid today,” to Mr. Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History. His neck is so long that his head doesn’t even fit in the room. But that’s okay, because now he can greet everybody who comes out of the elevator in the hallway. 


We tell our personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman that we would like a t-shirt with a globe trotter unicorn and shark rain boots, thank you very much. And some Cuddly-Coat cleansing spritz for Wally, please. He likes to smell like flowers. 

Or you can take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage. / Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE


Before we go to bed, we brush our teeth with strawberry toothpaste because it makes our teeth feel berrilicious. We’ll have the best dreams. George says that New York City watches over us because it never sleeps! 


The next morning, we take a ballet break and stretch right in the middle of our living room. George says his spleen feels stiff from all the walking. We tell him to put a hot stone on it, eat a macaroon, and breathe in cranberry oil.  George says that he just needs three espressos with five sugar cubes.


We are ready for a new day in the city! 

Frederick & Sophie

Illustrations: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Illustration Styling: Priscilla Obermeier