Space Pirates Game


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Ahoy! We’ve sailed the seven moons but now we’ll anchor our spaceship on this scurvy planet! Take out yer cutlasses and yer treasure maps, mateys! Space pirates like us…. need adventure! Arrrrrrr!  – FREDERICK


Arrrr! Infinite space awaits you! Find out what it’s like to be a space pirate, search for hidden treasures and fight battles! From one pirate to another: the magic power of your loot can come in handy on your journey, matey! For 4 players.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Dimensions: Size box: 21 x 21 cm (8,3 x 8,3 inches) / Size board: 40×40 cm (15,7 x 15,7 inches) / Figures: 7 cm (2,8 inches).

CONTENTS: 1 Game Board, 4 Spaceships, 4 Space Pirates, 20 Treasure Coins, 2 Die.


Hungary-based, family owned toy workshop Marbushka, combines craftsmanship and the finest, natural materials to create high quality games and beautiful keepsake dolls that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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