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Bonbon Rose is the bestest doll! She likes to wake up and smell the roses. She also likes the smell of popcorn and hot chocolate milk. She doesn’t like the smell of sprouts. – FREDERICK & SOPHIE


Petit Câlin Bonbon Rose is the best huggable companion for your little one! With a soft body, soft phthalate-free vinyl head, arms, and legs, and a delicate vanilla scent, this unique heritage doll will be an wonderful friend for years to come.

Recommended for kids aged 18 months and up.

Dimensions: 28 cm

Open & Close blue eyes. Painted brown hair.

Designed by Petitcollin in France, Made in Europe.


Founded in 1860 in Etain, Lorraine, France, Petitcollin is the oldest and last French doll maker. With more than a century of expertise, Petitcollin still uses traditional methods to create exceptional dolls. The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship was awarded with the Label Entreprise du Partimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) by the French government in 2007.

Discover the magic of French doll making expertise at the Petitcollin museum in Étain or visit the factory to discover the Peittcollin secrets of manufacturing!

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