Neo the Woolly Pull Along Mammoth


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Neo’s favorite food is popcorn. I make lots of it because he’s always hungry. We have already been on the awesomest adventures. We found cave paintings, a dinosaur egg, and we met a saber-tooth tiger named Zeke. Wally and Frederick always come with us because we’re a herd, and a herd absolutely sticks together. – SOPHIE


Meet Neo, woolly Mammoth friend extraordinaire! His furry coat makes him a soft addition to your herd. Pull him along on many adventures through dinosaur valleys and icy caverns onto the Plates of Wonder. Or let him show off his unique self as a beautiful decorative detail to nursery or play room.

Recommended for kids aged 18 months old and up.

Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 20 cm.

Made with wood and hypoallergenic faux fur.

Designed in Scandinavia. Made with Love in China.


Boasting a range of classic, handmade wooden toys, Swedish brand Kid’s Concept is passionate about spreading joy and encouraging safe play. In distinctly Scandinavian style, Kid’s Concept toys are beautifully painted in soft, pastel tones and made from natural materials. Kid’s Concept uses water based paints and complies with the requirements of the EU safety standard EN71.

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