Striped Teepee Tent with Wooden Poles


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When we have a sleepover party, we like to eat marshmallows, popcorn, play lots of boardgames, and camp out in our tents in the living room. We pretend we’re in the Jungle and use our binoculars to make sure there are no angry lions around. When we wake up we might be in the mountains, and we run into a Yeti who only eats spaghetti. – FREDERICK & SOPHIE


Whether a place to picnic, read, hide, or a magical portal into neverending adventures, this Black and White striped Teepee Tent with wooden poles, is an eye-catching centerpiece.

Recommended for kids aged 3 years old and up.

Dimensions: 110(l) x 110(w) x 160(h) cm.

Fabric: Cotton (washable)

Designed in Scandinavia. Made with Love in China.


Boasting a range of classic, handmade wooden toys, Swedish brand Kid’s Concept is passionate about spreading joy and encouraging safe play. In distinctly Scandinavian style, Kid’s Concept toys are beautifully painted in soft, pastel tones and made from natural materials. Kid’s Concept uses water based paints and complies with the requirements of the EU safety standard EN71.

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