Welcome to the F&S Residence, home to Frederick, Sophie & Co.!

XO, Pris




The Penthouse 



Ah, Sundays. Sunlight is streaming through the windows. This is where Frederick, Sophie and their son, Parker, have breakfast at the roof terrace. Newfoundland Dog Wally pushes his wet nose into Parker’s side to get a hug, Parker shows Sophie a new move on his skateboard, and Frederick tells a funny anecdote about his BFF and business partner, George, at work in their restaurant, Mr. Montrose.  



The Fifth Floor



If you’re in search of glamour, you most probably will find it on the fifth floor. As the Editor in Chief of Juliet magazine, Grace’s life is one ‘grande’ edit. Her roommate, George , on the other hand prefers his old leather armchair over anything Jeff Koons. Something that makes Grace shout ‘Quelle horreur!’ Grace’s daughter Poppy is Parker’s best friend. Every day at 8am she calls Mr. Finch to ask him what he had for breakfast. His answer is always: “Earl Grey breakfast tea and biscuits, just like the Queen, Miss Poppy”.


Kat’s Place



The fourth floor isn’t called the fourth floor. It’s called Kat’s place. The powerhouse lady of this mansion sets her own rules. And just like her to-die-for wardrobe, neutral colors and no fuzz are key. This home wasn’t made for entertaining, it was made for post-stressful-day wine-and-dark chocolate sessions. To Kat, home is a quiet refuge where her double espressos are Italian, her sheets, Egyptian and her art, modern. 


The Drawing Room



“Meet me in the Drawing Room at 5?”  The third floor Drawing Room is where the friends all meet up, settle into armchairs for conversations that can last for hours. In winter they’ll light a fire and gather around it for Mr. Finch’ famous hot chocolate drinks. He got the recipe from a Viennese chef and refuses to share it with us. In summer we  enjoy fresh Lemon Mint Iced Tea. All the while discussing that book/ article we’re reading, or listening to the infamous George – Kat debates. It’s wonderful to let your mind range free among friends.


The Toy Room



The second floor is the kids’s empire. It is always filled with sounds. Poppy shows Parker her Kung Fu moves (she wants to be a secret agent when she grows up) or plays the piano, Parker tries to draw Wally who refuses to sit still because he rather lays down. Their friends come over to play dress up or dance to Disney songs. Here the kids also have their classes. The kids’ tutor, Mr. Charlie, is the most patient and imaginative man I’ve ever met. He comes to class dressed up like Captain Hook to explain compound words and always has a story or new book up his sleeve to grab the kids’ (and Wally’s) attention.


The Library



Plato once said that a house that has a library, has a soul. And he was right. Frederick, Sophie & Co., are all a bunch of book worms, so nobody minds spending some extra time here, browsing through fiction, history, biographies, oversized volumes on art, fashion and photography. Or to just walk around and look up at the starry ceiling.


The Ground Floor



Mr. Finch’s devotion to his concierge desk is clear in everything he does. It’s in his Old World manners, in the fresh cut roses he arranges for the lobby, in the lemon tea he makes for both mail man and pizza delivery guy on cold winter days, in his immaculate white gloves, and his smile when pressing the elevator button for us. He truly is “his” residents’ sense of arrival.  


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