Location: The Residence, Central Park South, Manhattan

Keeping up with Santa is super-serious business. There is a lot to be done.

Decorating our trees while singing Its-The-Season-To-Be-Jolly. Did you know that we have ornaments that look like us? There is the plum fairy who looks like Grace, there are nutcracker soldiers who look like George and Frederick, there is Miss Santa who looks like Sophie, there is Wally of course, there is a ballerina-Kat, she’s so pretty, and the elves are us! Poppy and Parker. Best friends forever.
Making sure that all our stockings are blizzard proof and won’t dash away.
Spread Holiday Cheer. This has to be taken very seriously. You absolutely have to put in an effort here. Like, adding a Fa-la-la-la-la, when we order hot dogs from our favorite hot dog stand.
Make sure that Wally doesn’t lick on all the peppermint canes. He did once and nobody could eat any peppermint canes anymore. This was a good year for Wally. Not so much for us.
Clean up after our Elf-on-the-Shelf (Parker’s one is called Andy, Poppy’s one is called Olivia-Isabella). They always make such a mess. Like that time when they did a toilet-roll-race down the stairs.


And most importantly,


we must make sure that our wishlist looks tippi-ty-top.


Making a wishlist gives us the sort of headache that starts around the sides and than moves to our toes. We always help each other with our wishlists and we can help you too. That’s what Santa’s helpers do. Unless you have been naughty. Than unfortunately we absolutely can’t be of any assistance. It’s the rule.


When you have been nice you can jingle-all-the-way-further and get inspired by some of our favorite toys. Maybe you like to write them down on your own wishlist or show them to your most bestest friend. The toys all tested and tried by us. So they’re Poppy and Parker approved! And that is the truth.





My mommy says that this a true keepsake doll. And she knows what she is talking about because she is the boss of Juliet magazine and she sees all kind of really cool and pretty things in her office, every day.


When my mom and I travel to Paris to see the Fashion Shows, I always, always, always bring Emma because she absolutely loves croissants and baguettes! She wears a tres chic red jacket and a dress with breton stripes because she likes her classics.  Together we go on the Carousel at the Tuileries Garden, we look at the paintings at the Louvre and we visit Angelina’s to drink a hot chocolate. When we are back home, Emma tells me that we completely must visit Paris again. – POPPY





My doll Emma is always busy. She travels a lot, she is a business woman, she reads and she does ballet. When she has a day off she likes to have a complete rest. She chooses the prettiest pajama to do almost absolutely nothing in. I say almost because she does like to drink tea and play with Monsieur Felix H. Fluffy Tail. He’s a toy bunny and Emma can never not sleep without him even though he snores. – POPPY





Poppy and I really like to watch Chef’s Table. We wouldn’t mind trying out all the food the chefs make! My nana Mimi is a chef with her own restaurant. It is called “Sama Sama”, which means “You’re Welcome” in Indonesian. People come from all over the world to eat her Gado Gado and Lapis cakes. She told me that she once traveled for three months around Asia to find the right spicy pepper because it is all about the right ingredients in the right amount. When I ask her how to become a great chef, she says: keep your knives sharpened and make a mess! -PARKER





Poppy is my best friend but Wally is my bestest furry friend. His full name is Waldorf Archibald and he was born on Valentine’s Day. My mom and dad think that’s why he always wants to cuddle. I like to play hide and seek with him. When I find him I shout ‘smell my victory!’, and he gives me lots of kisses. – PARKER





When I can’t find anything I want to wear, my mommy says that it is time to clean up my closet again, but I know that it’s simply the blue monster who hasn’t put back my stuff. He likes to wear my clothes and shoes and he makes a big mess. George told me that the blue monster also likes to go through his closet. He thinks that the blue monster especially likes his cashmere socks because he can’t ever find matching ones! – POPPY





Ahoy! We’ve sailed the seven moons but now we’ll anchor our spaceship on this scurvy planet! Take out yer cutlasses and yer treasure maps, mateys! Space pirates like us…. need adventure! Arrrrrrr! – PARKER


Now you’re absolutely Super-Santa ready! We hope that your wishlist looks merry and bright! If not, leave us a merry note and we’ll do our mostest best to help you further. Unless it’s after 8pm because that’s bedtime. It’s the rule and we don’t want to be naughty right before Santa arrives!




P.S. Don’t forget to check your wishlist twice!


Illustration: Chuchu Briquet for FREDERICK & SOPHIE/ Styling: Priscilla Obermeier