Location: The Residence, Manhattan

There’s nothing like a chocolate eggs-travaganza to turn Frederick and George into a radical version of Sherlock & Watson, Kat into the spy next door, Grace into a navy seal, and Poppy and Parker into two little dragon blade carrying ninjas. Every Easter, my normal and loving somewhat competitive family & friends turn into extremely competitive, obsessive-compulsive, hoppy-hunter-gatherers, trying to fill their baskets with more eggs than the next guy.




George runs up and down the stairs while screaming, “It’s all about deduction!” Frederick tries to tackle Kat but trips over one of Grace’s long legs instead. Poppy and Parker crawl over the floor unnoticed. Wally prefers to sleep through all the madness. What about me? I’ve got the eye of the tiger and tigers eat (chocolate) bunnies for breakfast. So what they told me that Braveheart-style face paint isn’t necessary… I’m here to become Easter Island’s Next Top Easter Egg Hunter. No mercy. 


Frederick & Sophie - Easter Egghunt
Body Scrub, French Girl (or via


As concierge extraordinaire, BR (bunny relations) manager of The Residence, and Opus Dei of hiding eggs, Mr. Finch knows that the secret to a good Easter egg hunt is, of course, preparing the hunt itself. This year, he made sure that E.B. Fred, Phil and Carlos (remember the movie Hop? It’s all real) had easy and early access to our shared garden, all the different floors, and the roof top, turning The Residence into a treasure trove filled with chocolate bunnies, nougat eggs, and candy. Some of Poppy & Parker’s Lego characters tried to steal the goodies before we did but besides a cracked dinosaur egg, no other eggs were harmed or taken. 


Cutting Board, Epicurean (or via, Sauce pan, Le Creuset (in satin black)

Hunting makes hungry. A sweet lunch is served. In other words… if loving waffles, Cinnabons and donuts is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Tomorrow (or the day after) we’ll talk carrots again. 


Hand painted green porcelain plate, Anna Weatherley, white porcelain bread & butter plate, Bernardaud Palmyre

The final verdict on our HOPPY weekend? It was egg-cellent. 



XO, Sophie



Illustrations: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Styling: Priscilla Obermeier


Top image: Corduroy Plush bunnies, Miffy, decoration, Meri Meri