Wonders of the World ROYAL Toothpaste

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If the glamour and elegance of the Golden Age of travel had a taste, this would be it. This toothpaste is a daily, decadent journey back in time. Enter the Orient Express with its polished wood, sumptuous upholstery and antique fixtures, sit down on your plush seat, enjoy the ride, …and brush. Oral hygiene has never been this adventurous.


Who says that toothbrushing can’t taste adventurous? This velvety toothpaste (75ml) derives its unique flavor from zesty Italian lemon oil and tangerines, rose extract and nutmeg. Enhanced with mint to add a dose of freshness. Limited Edition.

Marvis does not contain fluoride, gluten or parabens. Marvis is cruelty-free, and vegan, using no ingredients of animal origin.

Made in Italy


Described as the haute cuisine of toothpaste, Florence based Marvis aims to transform your daily tooth brushing ritual into a flavorful pleasure.

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