Wonders of the World RAMBAS Toothpaste, 75ml

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Add joy to the everyday! That includes brushing your teeth! This Rambas toothpaste cleanses your  teeth and tastes like a wondrous tropical island. Transport yourself to the beach of your dreams, feel the humidity, smell the orchids, listen to the sounds of the ocean and birds louder than you’ve ever heard before … and scrub off that plague.


A unique, velvety toothpaste with a fruity taste of peach and pineapple with a twist of Alphonso mango. A rich aroma of mint creates a lasting and vibrant feel of freshness.

Marvis does not contain fluoride, gluten or parabens. Marvis is cruelty-free, and vegan, using no ingredients of animal origin.

Made in Italy


Described as the haute cuisine of toothpaste, Florence based Marvis aims to transform your daily tooth brushing ritual into a flavorful pleasure.

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