Location: The Residence, Central Park South

Here’s what I can do. I can pick up the phone and call fashion designers to say “Pardonnez-moi but abricot pourri is the new black. Je vous en prie. You’re welcome.” My mom is the Editor-in-Chief of Juliet Magazine, and she is from Paris. She calls it Par-EEEE. Her name is Grace. Her friends think that she’s gorgeous. I tell them, Pardonnez-moi but it’s GRACE-ious. They then say, “you’re absolutely right, Poppy.”


My mom and I have a roommate named George. He calls me Pop-tart or Popsicle. I think it’s because he absolutely adores candy. Especially orange M&Ms. I like ice cream. I always tell my mom that pistachio ice cream with chocolate sprinkles is a better way of life than broccoli. And both are green, you know what I mean? She then shakes her head and shouts, “Oh, la vache!” This means “Ow my Cow!” People from Par-EE say this when they mean OMG. But I think Ow my Cow!, is much better because who doesn’t like cows?


During Fashion Week my mom takes me to the shows in Paris and New York and we go backstage to meet the designers. I like them all but none of them is like Coco Chanel. I think Coco and I could have been friends forever because she is absolutely chic and different like me. She invented all the clothes that she wanted to wear and she thought for herself out loud. I think she would have liked that I want to become the President of Mars and wear a dress with sneakers.



I think Coco would have also liked Parker. He’s my best friend. He lives on the top floor right above my floor. He wants to have his own toy store and be a video gamer on the side. I think he should because he loves toys and he loves playing video games and you should always do what you love doing. That’s the rule. My best hairy friend is Wally, Parker’s dog. He follows us around everywhere. I think he’s afraid that we end up in trouble. I always tell him “Waldorf Archibald, don’t you worry, Parker and I had a lot of training in trouble.” It’s the absolute truth. When I make trouble, my mom says: “Poppy, arrête!” That’s French for Stop! I then say, “Mommy, pardonnez-moi, I can not just stop. There is too much to do.” Par example, I still have to grow until I am as tall as size 8. It would simply be impossible to just stop now.


My British best friend is Mr. Finch. He is the concierge of  my building, The Residence. He can speak seven different languages, and he knows archery, sharp shooting, coding, haute cuisine and falconry. Every morning I call him to say “good morning, Mr. Finch, what are you doing right now?” He then answers: “drinking lemon tea, Miss Poppy, just like the Queen of England.” Mr. Finch loves the Queen of England as much as I love Coco.


My best doll friend is my doll, Emma Triceratops. When I go to Paris, I take her with me to see the shows and to eat baguettes with Camembert. She wears a Breton shirt just like Coco. Ow how, Coco would have loved Emma Triceratops!


My tutor, Mr. Charlie, read “Different Like Coco” to me and Emma. He told us that Coco is an icon because she rose above the ordinary and defeated the odds. I said, “Charles, pardonnez-moi, all I know is that Coco was irreplaceable because she was different, just like me!” And that is the absolute truth.




Illustrations by Chuchu Briquet for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Styling: Priscilla Obermeier