Location: The Residence, Central Park South, Manhattan

My mom comes from a long line of thing finders. She says that the world is full of things, and someone must look for them. She must be absolutely ready to go on a voyage at all times in case something awesome can be found. And because awesome things can be found in Paris, London, Milan, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, my mom travels a lot. She often takes Wally, my dad and me on her trips and then I watch her touch everything, pick it up, and feel it. I like it when she asks us to help her taste sweet things. Poppy likes to help her smell new perfumes. She thinks the smell of peach is rather refreshing. I’m more of chocolate croissant kind of guy.


My mom also goes on treasure hunts all by herself. She tells me that she can feel nervous when she travels to new places and talk to new people all by herself but she also says that having a case of the butterflies keeps her sharp and on her toes. My dad calls her a badass extraordinaire. One day, Wally and I want to be as brave as she is.


When she’s home, she puts the things she found in her shop. She’s an entrepreneur which pretty much means that you never give up. She started her own company after she quit working for my grandfather’s department store. His store is really, really, humongous. It could fit a T-Rex on top of a T-Rex. My grandfather is also a thing finder but he searches for different things than my mom. My mom said that she didn’t have her heart in it anymore. And when you don’t have your heart in it, you must change what you’re doing. Like, when I don’t have my heart in playing with Lego anymore, I must walk over to Mr Finch to ask him 100 questions and drink chocolate milk. 


My mom told me that she had to start her own shop because she wanted to reach more people like herself, parents who work and travel and play with their kids, and have no time left for anything, especially not shopping but who do want to buy pretty, healthy, cool things for their family and themselves. Finding these beautiful, healthy, cool things is not easy so my mom travels the world’s side streets and searches the internet for them. Like I said, she’s a thing finder. 


My mom needs her breaks too because breaks keep you sane. That’s what George tells me. He’s my dad’s best friend and Grace’s and Poppy’s roommate, and Poppy says that he knows everything about taking a break so I believe him. When my mom came home from her last thing-finder trip, my dad, Wally and I surprised her with a Pancakes and Pajamas Party the next morning!  We made a really, super high, pancakes and macaroons pie, and she could decorate her slice herself. I decorated mine with sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Wally ate pancakes mixed with apple slices. We made sure his was dairy and gluten free because he likes his fur shiny.  He’s an organic kind of dog.


We all stayed in our pajamas all day and watched movies. My mom said it was an absolutely sweet surprise! 


Here’s what I am. I’m a boy with a pretty awesome mom. 




Illustration: Maya E Shakur for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Styling: Priscilla Obermeier


On kitchen counter: Shagreen Tic Tac Toe Game, AERIN , classic shagreen double frame, AERIN