Location: The Residence, Central Park South, Manhattan

They say that all things seem possible in May. That’s great because Poppy and I absolutely don’t know how we can possibly get everything done for Mother’s Day. So far, I made my mom a drawing of a Triceratops because it’s her favorite dinosaur. Poppy made her mom a drawing of an Escargot because her mom is from Paris. When they go see the fashion shows her mom eats snails and she eats les frites. Poppy knows a lot of French words. She thinks I am très agréable.


Finding the right present for our moms is a challenge. They absolutely deserve the best but finding the best is as difficult as finding eggs in a field of tulips. During our last egg hunt, Poppy, Wally and I followed Hop’s trail into our garden. Mr. Finch is our concierge and he also takes care of the garden. He really likes flowers a lot. So there are at least a gazillion roses and two trillion tulips. Finding anything in between flowers is super hard, I can tell you that. We even lost Wally when he fell asleep during our search, and Wally is as big as a gorilla. 


Poppy says that to find the best for our moms we should make a list of what our moms like to do.


Here’s a list of what my mom likes to do and why.


1.Drink gallons of coffee because her birth stone is a coffee bean. My dad says that the most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long mommy can go without coffee. 

2. Pretend and make things up because it’s the antidote to a grey flannel society, whatever that means. But flannel sounds like an enormously itchy nuisance.  

3. Ask a million questions because the only wrong question is to ask no question at all. 

4.Being busy working on making her dreams come alive. When people invite her to an event she tells them, “I’m too busy working. But do call again.” 


Here’s a list of what Poppy’s mom likes to do. 


1.Say bonjour, pas de quoi, regardez, c’est comme ça and Oh, la vache! 

2.Respond to her own instincts because being completely perfect for others is completely boring. 

3.Be horribly hands-on and decisive. 

4.Touch clothing, talk about fabrics and spot really original talent wherever she goes.


Our moms are really, really busy but never too busy to give us a big hug and listen to us telling them all about the fact that broccoli is a disgusting word.


Maybe we should give our moms a little one-day-holiday on Mother’s Day. Holidays are all about lying around, take lunch all over town, and evening rendezvouses (Poppy’s word). I think I’ll bring my mom a big cup of coffee for breakfast with a Triceratops on the side, and surprise her with a day-off to do lots of pretending and making things up. I can give her a new fairy tale book, and a super-soft T-Shirt to read it in. Poppy says that her mom’s assistant, Bernard, says that a super-soft, Egyptian Cotton T-Shirt can feel like wearing a hug all day. And isn’t a day-long hug, the best gift ever?




Illustration: Vikki Zhang for FREDERICK & SOPHIE / Styling: Priscilla Obermeier


Parker wears: white cotton poplin shirt with skateboard embroidery, Baby Dior, cap, Grevi (via Poppy wears: striped cotton shirt dress, Ralph Lauren