“If a writer would create a shop, her characters would leave product notes.” Or so I told myself when I started thinking about my own online shop. At that time I wrote a weekly online fashion & lifestyle column for the Dutch Elle, and worked as a freelance writer for different fashion & lifestyle magazines, international fashion & lifestyle brands, retailers, and ad agencies. While living in Los Angeles, I had even dabbled in screenwriting. It was clear, I wrote. But I also loved retail. What if I would combine the two? Fast forward to today, and here you are, browsing around on frederickandsophie.com A shopping and lifestyle destination that comes to life through a wide range of beautiful specialty products, my family stories, and the fictional Frederick & Sophie characters that live inside my head and inside my F&S Stories. And yes, they also leave product notes. Allow me to introduce you to them…..

XO, Pris


It’s me, SOPHIE 

Current status: all over the place at my kitchen table. I quit my job as the digital fashion content editor of The Alexander to write my blog FREDERICK & SOPHIE and ponder out loud about being a multi-cultural mom-wife-friend-writer in the city and beyond. Here I also share thoughts that keep me up at night, funny anecdotes, my most cherished items, books and quotes I love. I can count on my family & BFFs to inspire me and feed me caramel fudge when the going gets tough. We all live in The Residence, a small but mighty building in New York..

FREDERICK, the undisputed love of my life…

…and also..good dad gone bad to our son Parker, Chefpreneur, and the one who keeps his over-confident BFF George out of trouble (most of the time). Together they founded Mr. Montrose, a restaurant with a casual and cosmopolitan menu, serving street-food from around the world.   


PARKER, kid extraordinaire

My little precocious prince with a remarkable dedication to his loyal stallion, Wally, and his best princess-slash-dragon slayer friend, Poppy. He’d like to have his own toy store one day. Can be found around town on his skateboard or around the world building sandcastles and snowmen. Prefers hot dogs for breakfast. Without onions but with extra ketchup, please.


A true “Hairy Poppins” who follows ‘his’ kids every footstep. When he is not on an adventure with Poppy & Parker, you can find him on the roof terrace watching birds. He prefers his VOSS water slightly sparkling.

GRACE, my outspoken voice of reason

The lady who launches… magazines. As Parisienne, single mom and editor-in-chief of “her” Juliet Magazine she is known for her c’est comme ca-can-do attitude and impeccable taste. At The Residence she is known as the one who’s got your back. Home is where her heels come off and she instantly disconnects for a movie night with her mini-me, Poppy.

POPPY, warrior princess

As determined, fearless and straightforward as her editor-in-chief mommy, she’d like to become President of the United States, AirForce Captain or Head of an international spy agency one day. Not yet of course, because right now her schedule is rather filled with calling Mr. Finch and conquering the city together with Parker and Wally.

GEORGE, he came, he saw, he made it awkward

It all started with a hot chocolate break in high school. George burned his tongue and spilled half his cup over Frederick. They have been best friends and business partners in food, ever since. As the one responsible for all marketing efforts of their restaurant, Mr. Montrose, you can find George styling dishes for press tastings, and captioning table setting ideas for Instagram while mumbling, “You’re more than a genius man,” to himself. He’s Grace’s flamboyant roommate and taught Poppy that, “Carbs happen to good people.”

KAT, BFF (Brilliant Fearless Female)

Kat Collins was named after Catherine the Great and as the saying goes, ‘if the majestic shoe fits..’ As the Managing Partner at Collins, Baker and Rowland, Kat is the ultimate corporate powerhouse, taking on corporations and governments alike. Even in her pajamas if she has to. In our building’s mutual drawing-room, she likes to take on George. Their debates are legendary (and filled with a dose of Kat-titude).

MR. FINCH, the one who knows me the longest

Concierge, garderner, guard, librarian, dog whisperer and occassional therapist. Mr. Artemis Finch graduated cum laude from The British Butler Insitute. He has been there since I could barely walk. Not only is he a true British gentleman, he is as well trained in archery, sharp shooting, coding, haute cuisine and falconry. He speaks and writes fluent in seven different languages. He is proud to serve, take a message, and to shoot the occassional arrow if needed.