Photo: Indy Obermeier, age 2, in Rome / Courtesy of Priscilla Obermeier


Not all dads are created equal. We selected the perfect Father’s Day Gifts for different types of Dad.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best Father’s Day Gift of them all? Well, that depends on dad. Are we talking artsy father-in-law, tech obsessed husband, man-foodie who loves to grill and cook, or caffeine induced newly-dad? We’ve gone ahead and selected the perfect presents for different types of dad because nothing says, “Thank you, Dad,” more than the gift that makes him feel seen.


The Dadpreneur


Hi, this is Startup Dad headquarters, how may I help you? For the dad who’s building his empire one Americano at a time. 

Note to Dad: Because I know how much you love the smell of possibility in the morning. 


Sugar Daddy


He knows the difference between creamy and crunchy. For the dad who eats his chocolate spread with a side of bread. 

Note to Dad: You’re the SWEETEST! 


Bookworm Dad


Remember when you told Dad that your friend Jack wasn’t really a book person and Dad said, “That might be the most idiotic thing you’ve ever said to me?” For the dad who loves books, tea, and more books. 

Note to Dad: This Father’s Day is going to be LIT…erary. Happy Readings, Dad!


Classic Dad


Fashion’s fade, dad’s style is eternal. For the dad who is a timeless classic in a world full of trends. Hashtag Like a Sir.

Note to Dad: Thank you for being the one I can always rely on!


Nomad Dad


Life’s not meant to be lived in one place. For the dad who hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on his list. 

Note to Dad: You mean the world to me, so I brought a bit of the world to you. 


Daddy Cool


Current status: still fly. For the dad who lives life so fresh and so clean, clean.

Note to Dad: Keep calm and stay cool.