Indy & Markus throughout the years. Photos: Courtesy of Markus & Priscilla Obermeier

With Father’s Day around the corner, Indy picked 5 dad-centered things he loves this month.  


My dad is pretty awesome. He works really hard but he’s always there for me. He takes me to sports, playdates, We do a lot together. He teaches me math, and he taught me how to play golf and ski. I taught him all about the art of Nintendo and how to take it easy when the rainbow wheel appears on his computer .



Bad Dad

Father's Day, Bad Dad, David Walliams, Book, Boy Meets World, Indy
Illustrations ©Tony Ross 2017

I just finished reading Bad Dad by David Walliams. It’s about a dad who gets himself caught up in a bank robbery as the getaway driver for the local crime boss. His son, Frank, comes up with a plan to get his dad out of trouble and out of prison. I would do the same for my dad.



Cake POPS for Pops

Father's Day, Cake Pops, Boy Meets World, Indy

My dad really, really, really likes creamy chocolate spreads. For Father’s Day I’ll use a cake pop maker to make cake POPS dipped in different chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel spreads!




For Dad


For Father’s Day, I always make my dad a funny drawing. It’s our Father’s Day tradition! He likes to hang my drawings above his desk in his office. I think that he would also like this post-shave lotion. It’s alcohol free so it doesn’t sting!






My family is mixed, and I like to watch tv series with other mixed or multicultural friends and families. black-ish is one of my favorite series! My mom, dad, and I always watch black-ish together. Andre is a successful, caring, and funny dad. He often gets himself into trouble, but with the help of his family and colleagues of advertising firm, Stevens & Lido, he gets himself out of it again. I like that Andre never gives up, isn’t afraid to ask for help, and talks about race and culture. My parents and I talk about race, class, history, and culture a lot too. In almost every episode, Andre shares something about black history, and I like to learn from him. Rainbow reminds me a lot of my own mom (especially when Rainbow stands up for her family, opinion, therapy, or working moms). Andre’s friend and colleague, Charlie, is my favorite character. He always makes me laugh out loud! My dad’s favorite character is Diane because she’s never afraid to speak her mind. And maybe also because she likes vengeance.



The Dad Games


I started training my dad in the art of Nintendo when I was 3 years old. That was seven years ago. I’m a pretty good gamer now, but Dad still gets really nervous when he plays video games. When we game together, I tell him to stop freaking out, and he tells me that he freaks out because the buttons don’t work. The buttons work fine, Dad.

Me, age 3, telling my dad when to jump in Super Mario Bros.

He’s better in playing board games. We often play chess, poker, Dungeons & Dragons, UNO, Risk Transformers, Monopoly Gamer, Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, and Space Pirates together.


We both like to win so we really battle each other. I think we would like to play UNO Wild Jackpot because then we can make up our own rules. Better watch out Dad because I smell victory!